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XProfan is a programming language which is similar to BASIC.

xTrem-Team (One Shot Army)
We are a small group of players, which is playing Counter-Strike:Global Offensive & War Thunder.

TC-Programming is a hobby - developing free software & useful tools. Complete software doesn´t need installation at all, has no update-functions and was written for private use only, commercial is not allowed !

Every soft was tested closely but there is no guarantee for 100% stable runtime. So I don´t take responsibility for any damage caused by using any software or it´s part ! TC-Programming, free software development
Commercial Service

There is a commercial part too - I provide a part of IT-service. With wide range of experience in PC & Notebook I provide advice, replacement, installation & configuration of hard- & software.

li Configuration of PC / Notebook
li PC / Notebook diagnosis, advice about hardware & replacement of broken component.
li Removing of the Heatspreader / IHS from the CPU & replacing thermal paste by liquid metal compound.
li Replacement of thermal paste (CPU, GPU & BIOS-chip): Using high-quality paste only.
li Installation / restoring operating system. Software installation & configuration included.

You´ll find other links here, its intended because I do support my partners & clients. But I have no influence on the content of these links !

If I or somebody else offend against the law, intended or not or if you have any question, please contact me directly (eMail above).

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The purpose of this website is to demostrate presence of TC-Programming and it´s software. The website is payed privately, I don´t earn money by that, therefore you´ll find no ad, spam, malicious code or other ways to make profit here !
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I assume no responsibility for representation, correctness and actuality of the online offer.

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